Illustration by Kate Philipson
Cheetah Girl – illustration by Kate Philipson
Illustration by Kate Philipson
Tiger Tiger – illustration by Kate Philipson

Cheetah Girl and Tiger Tiger are two in a series of illustrations I am working on called Expressions.

I have always been really interested in just how similar we humans are with our animal cousins. My Expressions series looks at the similar ways animals and humans express their emotions.

Having seen my illustrations my dad gave me a book by Darwin which belonged to my step great grandfather and was published in 1904. The book called ‘The expression of the emotions in man and animals’ has some amazing illustrations of animal and human expressions accompanied by Darwin’s interpretation of these behaviours.

A disappointed chimpanzee from Darwin’s The expression of the emotions in man and animals’

Another interesting insight from my dad came when he saw my Cheetah Girl illustration. Again relating to my step grandfather who holidayed every summer in the house of an eccentric man called Edward Heron-Allen. Heron-Allen was a polymath, meaning he was accomplished at just about everything, from violin making to writing literature. He infamously wrote a book called ‘The Cheetah Girl’ about a woman who had a relationship with a Cheetah and gave birth to a cheetah girl. The book caused a bit of a scandal when it was published in the 40s and in recent years a copy of the book sold at Sothebys for several thousand pounds. Not to be confused with my Cheetah Girl!

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