The Last Supper Club, Shoreditch

Illustration by Kate Philipson
Illustration by Kate Philipson

I am really excited to be involved in a pop up event this festive season. The Last Supper Club is a three week drinking and dining experience in East London. Inspired by the looming Mayan prophecy which predicts the world will end on 21st December 2012, the Last Supper Club brings apocalyptic food, drink, art and music together to make a great night out in Shoreditch.

I was one of nine artists from various disciplines who were invited to produce original art pieces to be buried in the Last Supper Club’s time capsule installations exhibition. My interpretation of the apocalypse can be seen in my large pencil illustration ‘The Carbon Cycle’ which shows mother universe ending the world as we know it. Here is my explanation of the piece:

“Humans have been on the earth for around 200,000 years and in that time we have done about as much damage as we possibly can whilst continuing to thrive as a species. I think the apocalypse will be caused by a shift in the balance of power on the earth. Nature will fight back as it did with dinosaurs millions of years ago, and humans will become extinct. The signs are already there with hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis occurring across the globe with increasing regularity. After the apocalypse, human remains will be buried in layers of geological mass and in many million years time someone will use the carbon they leave behind to draw a huge pencil illustration of their version of events.” 

The Carbon Cycle is ‘buried’ in a table alongside the work of other inspiring artists including Lauren Baker, James Piper and Benjamin Eagle. The Last Supper Club is open until the 21st December so if you pop along for an ‘end of the world’ themed drink or dinner, make sure you take a look at the Leopards Lunch table!

All artworks will be auctioned off for the charity Kids Company on Saturday 22nd December. If you are interested in buying a piece and would like to be added to the guest list, or would like to book a table for dinner, email

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