Private commissions

2013 has been busy so far. So much so that I have been hiding away working and not made any time to talk about any of it! My belated new year’s resolution is to keep the world updated on my activity. You’d think after working in PR it would come as second nature but I’m obviously better at promoting other people’s work than my own.

One of the things I have most enjoyed working on recently are private commissions. My personalised illustrations make gorgeous unique gifts. The inspiration for each picture usually starts with a beautiful photograph and some meaningful words. I try to bring out elements of the subject’s personality in each illustration so the more I know about them, the better. The resulting framed artwork is something to be treasured by the recipient forever.

Below are some examples of recent commissions:


If you would like to commission a bespoke illustration for your loved one, you can email me for more information at or call 07973 942 774.

Thank you to Melissa, Ollie & Lisa, Jade & Orson and Darren & Sian for letting me share their pictures with the world.

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