Kenzo SS14 for Milk X Magazine

Kenzo SS14 - No Fish No Nothing

Earlier this year, I was approached by MilkX magazine in Hong Kong to create an illustration based on Kenzo’s SS14 collection.

I have always found Kenzo’s designs fresh and inspiring, usually thought provoking too. Their collections often communicate an important message beyond just fashion, and this season was no different with prints featuring the slogan ‘No Fish, No Nothing’ alongside images of fish and wave patterns in marine colours. Models sported slicked back hair and sunglasses with iridescent globes hanging down like earrings.

I wanted to make this message clear through my illustration, so made a feature of the slogan and facts about the ocean. I borrowed themes from the Kenzo SS14 advertising campaign and found one image of the model Devon Aoki that I liked so much, I replicated it in my own style. 

Kenzo SS14 - Devon Aoki

I really enjoyed this foray into fashion illustration and hope to do more in future…

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