As seen on TV!

Burning Man Bike
Me in the desert on my trusty steed Roller Girl

I can safely say that my decision to leave the rat race and become an illustrator is directly related to the Burning Man Festival. Seeing so much creativity in one place was eye opening to say the least, and put my choice of working to live – rather than living to work – into perspective. Everyone needs to go at least once! 

Yes this was as fun as it looks…
…and this thing blew my mind!

As well as experiencing the fruits of some of the most imaginative & creative brains on the planet, I also met some amazing inspiring people. In my third year at the festival, virtual strangers Darren and Sian were kind enough to adopt me and Tom as RV roomies at the last minute. And I’m so pleased they did as I got to know two amazing people who are clearly meant to be together. 

I mention all this because Darren and Sian starred in Come Dine With Me Couples on Monday 7 July on Channel 4 and my illustration of them briefly featured in the show. Whilst at Burning Man my brother, Matt Morgan, took a beautiful photograph of them, and Darren commissioned me to create this artwork from that photograph. The words on the picture “cog love is all you need” sparked a funny conversation about pet names. Watch the episode on 4OD to see how Darren and Sian did. (*spoiler alert* they did pretty bloomin well actually!) 

Darren & Sian final for web

If you like this, check out some of my other private commissions. To find out more about commissioning me to create a personalised illustration for you or someone special, please get in touch.

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