Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction

I just can’t get enough of the lovely people at

Following the feature article they published last week about me and my work, they invited me to take part in a collaborative illustration project.

This was one of’s ‘interpret/inspire’ briefs – I was one of three illustrators tasked to visit the ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ exhibition of photographer Joan Fontcuberta’s work at The Media Space at the London Science Museum. I was then given a week to interpret my experience into an illustration along with a few words to explain my thought process.

The exhibition was more than a little bit creepy in parts. I had a particularly dramatic reaction to the freakish taxidermy in Fontcuberta’s Fauna series – screaming when I saw a claw tail headed fox monster thing (read the article for my full explanation). Which led to my final illustration being fairly dramatic. But how would you react coming face to face with these?!

Creepy Marmot Snake Thing
Fontcuberta’s Marmot Snake
Creepy Winged Goat
Fontcuberta’s Winged Goat

The resulting feature article was published yesterday and it’s really interesting to see how three different creative minds responded to the same exhibition. 

Check out the fantastic work of the other two illustrators too – fashion illustrator Alexa Coe and illustration student Sam Alexander – they are definitely ones’ to watch.

Thanks for the opportunity

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