Playing Shop

Procrastination is my thing. I’m not proud of it, but at least I admit it. So it does not surprise me, or those who know me well, that it has taken me this long to sort my sh*t out and set up an online shop.

Delaying tactics aside, I think it has taken me until now to develop an illustration style that I’m proud of. I now feel satisfied that my work is good enough for display on people’s walls (which is a milestone for the neurotic self-doubter in me).

So, at long last, my Leopards Lunch Etsy shop is up and running! You can buy all the images below as high quality giclee prints on heavyweight archival paper. Prices start from £40 for an A3 print to £110 for an A1 print.

I print to order so if you need a different size, or would like a print onto canvas or other format, I can arrange this. Also if you would like a print of any work on my website that isn’t available in the shop, get in touch and I will arrange a special edition for you.

Happy Shopping 🙂

What the..?! Giclee Print

Good Grief! Giclee Print

Mother's Ruin Giclee Print

Spidergirl Giclee Print

Smoking Giclee Print

Waiting Giclee Print

No Fish No Nothing Giclee Print

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