Brand Tastic

I’m a sucker for a brand. I fall hard for good design and always spend more than I should on things with lovely packaging. Whilst branding is not really my field of expertise, I am often asked to help with logo design and have enjoyed working with clients to develop illustrated logos and bespoke illustrations for their brand.

I don’t generally include these in my portfolio of work so I thought it was about time I shared the work I’ve done. Some of the projects I have worked on are still under wraps, but here’s a selection of the brand work that I can show you…

Matt Morgan Photographer

Matt Morgan Photographer – Matt is a wedding photographer in Ibiza, he wanted me to create a quirky logo that would convey his personality and style. I found an image of a dapper Boston Terrier that he really liked, so I created an illustrated version for him and matched it with a classic typewriter font.

Matt Morgan Photographer

Lei Lou – Interior designer, Louise, was about to launch a new range of designer mirrors and asked me to create a bespoke illustration to feature on her online shop. She wanted it to show an illustrated version of her in front of one of her beautiful creations. While Lou’s interior design style is simple and classic, her designer mirrors are very delicate and intricate, so to complement this I used simple black line work to create this image.

Lei Lou Illustration

Shoreditch Creative Council – I was initially approached by SCC to design an owl logo for them. However on reviewing the brief, I convinced them that a raven would be a more suitable symbol for the Council. My thinking was…ravens are very intelligent, think creatively to find solutions (look they use tools!), and most importantly are black, the Shoreditch creative’s colour of choice. They were pleased with the simplicity of the resulting design.

Shoreditch Creative Council

H&H – Holly & Hannah commissioned me to create an illustration for their range of nail jewellery. They wanted the image for a hanging banner to go above their stall at a Vogue Fashion Week event. The image I created was inspired by their designs and the influences on their work. The image was screen printed in metallic gold onto black canvas for the event, and they’ve since used it on the cover of their look book.

H&H - illustration by Kate Philipson

Goddess Acumen – Helen is an alternative therapist who specialises in empowering women by helping them to unleash their inner goddess. She wanted a logo and brand illustration to communicate the goddess part of her work and help to convey how she makes women feel, particularly the work she does focusing on the heart. After finding out more about Helen’s visual taste, I created a goddess image with a strong focus on the heart and a logo icon featuring hands around a glowing heart.

Goddess Acumen Logo

Goddess Acumen Illustration

Make Up by Olivia V – I was asked to create this logo as a surprise for Olivia. It was slightly trickier this way because I like to get to know my client’s visual taste before creating anything for them. I was given images to work from and told she liked a neutral palette. Thankfully she was really happy with the resulting illustration and brush-stroke style text I created. 

Make Up by Olivia V

Rose & Bird  Also a make up artist, Amy wanted a bespoke illustration for her business, Rose & Bird. Amy had seen a drawing I had done of a famous vogue shoot – a model with a rose in her mouth – and asked me to create something similar for her. I created a simple, hand drawn version featuring her favourite colours – coral pink and turquoise.

Rose & Bird

If you like the idea of commissioning a bespoke illustration for your brand please get in touch. I’m always happy to chat through ideas and can find a solution to suit most budgets.

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