Wit Woo – Secret Garden Magic

Wow, despite the rain, Secret Garden Party was pretty epic this year. I have just about recovered after an excellent weekend with some of my favourite people, in one of my favourite places.

Secret Garden Party is an annual fixture in my calendar, come rain or shine, although shine is most definitely preferable! Once again I had been invited by the lovely people at The Road To Nowhere to put my stamp on their Labyrinth area of the festival. The theme this year was childhood movies and which better for RTN’s Labyrinth than the film ‘Labyrinth’.

I had a really open brief – to create a series of decorative images relating to the movie’s characters to hang in the trees of the Labyrinth. The only ‘character’ from the film that really appealed was the owl (no surprises there – it was the only real animal in the film) as everything else creeped me out a bit.

I wanted my owls to look slightly menacing and reminiscent of folklore style. They also needed to be big, bright and colourful to stand out in the trees. I drew and painted the owls freehand onto large pieces of board which were then cut out and hung by the RTN crew.

Menacing OwlA Parliament of Menacing Owls

When I turned up to the festival on the Saturday, avoiding torrential rain on the day before, I was half excepting my owls to have taken a battering, but they looked ace even after all that rain. Check out the few pics I took before my phone battery died and partying took over…

Labyrinth OwlAnother Labyrinth OwlLabyrinth Owl

I really enjoyed working on these owls so I plan to do more with this style in future. I love creating staging and murals for large areas like this one at SGP so if you have any ideas for future projects or collaborations, please get in touch.

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