Cover Girl

FRONT 4-13I try to use my work as a form of escapism, but there is so much stupid shit going on in the world it’s not always possible.

I’m no political illustrator, but occasionally I use my work to comment on issues I feel strongly about. My illustration for Resonance Records’ Access EP cover is an example of this. This commission came in the same week that President Trump decided to suspend the US Visa Waiver Programme, so the title ‘Access’ resonated.

A few weeks after its release I was contacted by the San Diego Reader, asking to use my Access image for their front cover. The cover story was about the Syrian refugee population in the city, so my image for Access was a great fit.

This is my first front cover illustration which is super exciting. The fact it was used to raise awareness of something so relevant and important is even better 🙂

You stay classy, San Diego.


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