Happy International Women’s Day

Intl womens day 150

In my world every day is women’s day. However, it seems rude not to take full advantage of today. So this is me sending lady love across the globe, to anyone who identifies as female. We are the best 🙂

…and fellas if you’re feeling left out don’t worry, you’ve got 8 months to plan International Men’s Day (19th November in case you were wondering).

Bubbling With Creativity, Oozing With Soul

Mural Design by Kate Philipson


I have just finished my largest mural project so far and, thanks to the photographic skills of my brother Matt Morgan, I can now share the results 🙂

The client, Soul London, is a direct marketing agency based in Farringdon’s iconic Zeppelin Building.

Their offices have loads of character but needed a bit of colour and cohesion.

The brief was to be contemporary, colourful, playful and human. And should include eyes (Soul’s logo) and a nod to music (an important influence and source of inspiration for Soul’s founding partners).

Most of the murals I have worked on previously have involved one or two walls, but this was a bigger project. In total there were seven surfaces to cover, from a 5m meeting room wall to the toilet doors, so there was plenty of scope for creativity.

Lots of research and doodling led me to this concept…‘Bubbling with creativity, oozing with Soul’. I chose bold colours to compliment and match the decor, and included a rose gold to add a metallic sheen. Here are the results…

Mural Artwork by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Creative Office
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Creative Office
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Kitchen Area
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Entrance view
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Main office
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Main office detail
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Northern Soul Meeting Room
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Northern Soul Meeting Room
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Meeting Room Detail
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Toilet Doors
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Toilets
Mural Design by Kate Philipson
Soul London – Toilet Exit Message

News of Soul’s brighter office space was published in Marketing Communication News and The London Egotist.

Murals are a fun and clever way to add colour and a creative touch to workspaces and homes. If you have a space that needs brightening up, drop me an email or call me on 07973 942 774.

Beymen Bemoji


(Smiley face jazz hands emoji) I can finally share the results of a project I’ve been working on all summer for the Turkish luxury department store, Beymen.

Beymen’s Autumn / Winter 2016-17 campaign is all about fun and self expression. I was commissioned to create 265 bespoke Beymen ‘Bemojis’ in my colourful, pop art style, to be used in a number of ways across the campaign.

Bemojis include everything from animals to food, weather to smiley faces, seasonal items and hand and lip signals (my favourites). These icons have been used across Beymen’s print and poster advertising campaign (see womenswear and menswear here) and on merchandise; including clothing, accessories, stationary, mugs, plus stickers and badges to personalise your own items with.

There’s also a campaign film (see below) and a smartphone app where you can stick Bemojis all over your photos.

The concept of this campaign, which was created by Turkish advertising agency Rafineri, is perfect for combining traditional advertising with online and social media. Beymen has a big online following and I still get such a thrill seeing my work on their instagram posts.

The Bemoji campaign launched this month and will continue to run until spring next year. So keep your eyes peeled for those Bemojis… (big eyes emoji)


Soul Heaven @ Ocean Beach Ibiza 2016

Soul Heaven 2016 NAMED-02Finally I can share this lady!

You might remember I illustrated a girl with a colourful vinyl afro last summer for Soul Heaven @ Ocean Beach Ibiza 2015? Well this year they were going for gold…

I created this golden girl for Soul Heaven‘s 2016 summer season at Ocean Beach Club Ibiza earlier this year, when summer was a distant thought. Now it’s here, almost over in fact, so this girl is halfway through her Ibiza season.

Groovy 😉

Soul Heaven 2016 NAMED-01Soul Heaven 2016 NAMED-03

Good Vibrations

Untitled named 150dpi-01

Wow 2016 is taking on runaway train status. I’ve had a mega busy year so far, but refuse to believe it’s May already!

I have been working on a load of things I can’t talk about yet, but thankfully I can share the work  I’ve done for Resonance Records. I’ve created the artwork for three new EPs for Resonance since my last post in January, so here they are… Untitled, Anytime and Dropkick.

These will shortly be available as prints, along with my other artwork for Resonance, so watch this space for more info…

Anytime named-01

Dropkick 150dpi named


Revolution named

I’m super excited to be working with Resonance Records Ltd in 2016. The creation of DJs Max Chapman and Mark Jenkyns, Resonance is set for big things, so I’m really happy to have been picked to provide artwork for their new releases.

It’s a dream job for me – the guys give me a one word title for the EP and the freedom to draw whatever comes to mind.

And the ideas have been coming thick and fast – I have already completed the artwork for the first three EPs: Revolution, 43 and Vortex. Can you tell which is which?

43 named

Vortex named

Om Santy Om


Christmas is just around the corner. So time to ask yourself…have you been good this year?

I think Santa would be fairly happy with me this year. There’s always room for improvement but I’ve banked a lot of goodness points by doing loads of yoga. That is how it works right?

I’m lucky enough to have one of the best Yoga studios in London pretty much on my doorstep. Well more specifically just above my studio in the Bussey Building at Peckham Rye.

Yogarise is fast becoming my second home – when I have a spare hour or two, I’m there getting my downward dog on. And now my work is on show and for sale in the studio too!

There are two large hand painted canvases, a selection of framed A2 giclee prints and some A3 prints of my pencil sketches for sale. Just in time for those last minute Christmas presents. Prices range from £15 to £500 so there is really something for every budget.

The weather has been really dreary and there’s loads of natural light at Yogarise so these photos don’t do the studio justice at all. You’ll just have to come down and see them for yourself. Contact me for more information or just turn up.

Namaste & HoHoHo 🙂


In Motion

Hello, just a quickie…

I just discovered the Motion Picture app and decided to put it to good use. I’m not great at it, and these videos are far from impressive but I think they were worth a few minutes of playtime.

Enjoy 🙂